Share your URL favorites between platforms!
  • Lets you browse your PC's favorites over a network share
  • Copies your PC's favorites to your android device
  • Copies your android chrome bookmarks to your PC's favorites folder
  • Lets you view your url's in text form
  • Displays website icons
Url Reader is a small utility program for Android that allows you to access your Internet Explorer shortcuts (URL's) from your android device. You share your Internet Explorer shortcuts over your personal network and URL Reader will access them.
For Everyone
How to share your favorites.
To share your IE favorites first create a new folder outside your users folder and share this with the network. An example would be C:\Favorites or C:\Shared\Favorites. Open your file explorer and browse to your favorites folder. ie. C:\Users\Username\Favorites or Desktop\Username in the folder tree view. Right click on the favorites folder and choose move to folder. Find your newly created shared folder in the dialog and choose move. You can now use the path of the newly created folder as the path of your network share in the URL Reader settings.